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Introducing a strategy to help cure condensation - Adaptive Ventilation [Infographic]

By Michelle Sharp

Would you successfully drive a car with one gear?

With so many things affecting how ventilation will work in a home, are you sure the bathroom or kitchen fan is suitable? 

We are future proofing our homes and making them energy efficient - there are 50 shades of green improvements everywhere - and yet still mould and condensation issues.

Adaptive ventilation may well be the first step in a stratgey to ensure energy efficient homes stay healthy and happy - cure condenstion by getting to the root problem!



Why do you need adaptive ventilation to help cure your condensation and mould issues?



Sound interesting?  
Read more about adaptive ventilation by downloading our Free Datasheet by clicking the link below:

Download your Free Datasheet: Adapting Ventilation to house type will help cure condensation